Second Hand Machinery:

We are specialized in used machinery. See our Website, at  used machinery paragraph and you will be able to find easily the machine you are looking for related to the extrusion and the recycling of plastics.

In case we do not have this machine in our warehouses will look for it in our company network.


GESTER uses different ways to sell:

  • Private Deal: All our machines are available immediately. Most of them are based in our 6.000 square meters warehouses.
  • Consignment and Storage Sales: We help our clients to sell their machinery through consignment. A sales commitment is established between GESTER and the client in order to sale the machine in a set period of time.
  • Used machinery Auctions:  We make auctions of machines that come from bankruptcy proceeding, settlements or closure of factories.

Do you want to sell used machinery?

Click here and we will tell you how to do it