Description:Complete laundry in stainless steel for plastic. Brand Viplat, model ML-500, year 2001, composed of: A- Stainless steel raft 4m x 1.40 wide and 1.50 high. 4 drums and Ferris wheel to extract material on an auger that unloads in a centrifuge. It has a central axis to improve the washing and an endless in the bottom for extraction of sludge. Total power, 6.96KW. B-Centrifuge, Viplat brand of 1.20 in length of 30cv. C- Vacuum cleaner of 5,5 cv with cyclone to discharge the 1st centrifuge to 2nd raft. D- Stainless steel raft with measures 4 meters x 1 x1 in height with 4 drums and final auger for discharge in 2nd centrifuge. E- 2nd centrifuge, Viplat brand of 1.20 and 30cv. F- Aspirator 5.5cv, with cyclone breaks air to the 3rd centrifuge. G-3era centrifuge, Viplat brand, 1.20 and 30cv. H- Vacuum cleaner 5.5cv. I-Complete electrical panel for the entire laundry.
Observations:As It is

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